'Freedom' lilacs planted in Independence Square to celebrate Saeima centenary


"May 'Freedom' bloom abundantly, may our country be free and independent, may our statehood be strong, and may Latvia blossom with white, beautiful, simple, and fragrant flowers," said Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, at the lilac planting ceremony dedicated to the centenary of the Saeima on Thursday, 8 September. The lilac variety 'Freedom’ (Brīve), selected in honour of the centenary of the Saeima, was planted in Independence Square, near Jēkaba iela, in Riga.

The centenary lilacs were planted in Independence Square by Speaker Mūrniece together with Velta Čebotarenoka, President of the 4 May Declaration Club, the Saeima Presidium members, MPs, winners of the youth photo competition ‘On Guard for the Most Precious,’ whose exhibition in the Parliament was opened after the ceremony, as well as members of the photo competition jury. Inese Ebele, Director of the Institute of Horticulture, and Edīte Kaufmane, a scientist at the Institute, also attended the event.

The lilac variety 'Freedom,' dedicated to the centenary of the Saeima, was selected at the Institute of Horticulture by Sarmīte Strautiņa, a senior researcher at the Institute. The lilacs were planted in Independence Square in cooperation with the Riga capital company Rīgas meži.

The 'Freedom' lilac symbolically stands for the commitment to the highest values of our country—freedom, independence, and democracy. A stylised lilac flower surrounded by an amphitheatre-shaped parliamentary layout is also included in the Saeima centenary logo.

The 1st Saeima held its first session on 7 November 1922, and with its convocation, the Fundamental Law of the State of Latvia—Satversme—came into force.v

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