Archives of the Saeima

The Archive of the Saeima holds paper, electronic, audio, and video documents intended for indefinite or long‑term storage:

Documents of the 5th Saeima (06/07/1993 – 06/11/1995)

Documents of the 6th Saeima (07/11/1995 – 02/11/1998)

Documents of the 7th Saeima (03/11/1998 – 04/11/2002)

Documents of the 8th Saeima (05/11/2002 – 06/11/2006)

Documents of the 9th Saeima (07/11/2006 – 02/11/2010)

Documents of the 10th Saeima (02/11/2010 – 16/10/2011)

Documents of the 11th Saeima (17/10/2011 – 03/11/2014)

Documents of the 12th Saeima (04/11/2014 – 05/11/2018)

The documents of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saeima, the documents of the Supreme Council, part of the 7th Saeima documents, as well as part of the audio and video documents are stored in the National Archives of Latvia:

Documents related to the legislative process are available in electronic format in the Archive of the previous convocations of the Saeima on the Parliament’s website:
Documents available on the website of the Saeima (in Latvian).

Documentary materials are available and can be used in accordance with the relevant regulatory enactments, including the Archives Law and the Saeima Presidium Decision of 5 July 2021 “On the Adoption of the List of Limited Access Information of the Saeima” (in Latvian).

The documentary materials held in the Archive may be accessed by submitting a written request addressed to the Saeima electronically or by post.

Please be responsible and follow the epidemiological safety requirements and preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The use of face masks in the Archive of the Saeima is optional, except in cases specified in regulatory enactments.

It is prohibited to visit the Archive of the Saeima for persons in isolation or with signs of respiratory infection, such as increased temperature, cough.

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