Job Shadow Day at the Saeima

The Job Shadow Day is an annual career education event taking place all across Latvia, including the Parliament, which also welcomes inquisitive “shadows”.

The Saeima is one of the most popular locations of the Job Shadow Day in Latvia. During the event, schoolchildren can learn about the daily work of MPs and the staff of the Saeima and gain better knowledge about the legislative process. In addition, schoolchildren can learn about various informative and educational events and projects organised by the Parliament.

Job Shadow Day at the Saeima on 5 April 2023

To become acquainted with the daily work of the Parliament, over 180 pupils gathered at the Saeima building. On the Job Shadow Day, they followed the work of the Speaker, members of the Presidium, Saeima MPs, as well as the staff of the Parliament.  This year, participants were for the first time able to attend a Saeima sitting where a topical issue for the Latvian youth—the establishment of the State Defence Service—was discussed. Throughout the day, the pupils could learn more about the “Youth Parliament” project and take photographs at the Job Shadow Day photo corner.

The Saeima is among the most popular Job Shadow Day destinations in Latvia. During the 13 years of the Saeima participating in the Job Shadow Day, over 2400 pupils have followed the work of Saeima MPs and staff.

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The Job Shadow Day is a career education event run by the organisation “Junior Achievement” for schoolchildren from grade 1 to 12. The purpose of the event is to acquaint schoolchildren with various industries and professions to help young people decide on their future education and career.

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