Open Door Day

Once a year, the Saeima invites everyone, especially young people, to the Open Door Day organised by the Parliament. Every year, attendees of the Open Door Day have the opportunity to get acquainted with a thematic exhibition created in honour of this event, as well as to tour the Saeima building. Young people can also learn more about informative and educational events and projects organised by the Parliament.

Jānim Čakstem 160

Main theme of 2019 Open Door Day in Saeima: Jānis Čakste

On Friday, September 27, the traditional Open Door Day was held in the Saeima, this year dedicated to the 160th birthday of the distinguished statesman Jānis Čakste. More than 1300 schoolchildren, tourists and many families visited the Saeima building today to learn about the public and political activities of Jānis Čakste, Chairman of the People’s Council, Speaker of the Constitutional Assembly, and the first President of the Republic of Latvia.

In the exhibition dedicated to Jānis Čakste, visitors could get to know the person who stood at the cradle of Latvia, defended the rule of law, and put into practice the principles of democracy. The exhibition was created by the Saeima in collaboration with the museum “The House of Jānis Čakste”.

Visitors had the opportunity to participate in an initiative organised by the museum and vote for the values they consider to be the most important for our country – freedom, democracy, or independence. Most of the visitors chose freedom, and the votes cast for it will be delivered to the museum “The House of Jānis Čakste” and pooled together with the votes of the museum’s visitors.

Visitors could also send a postcard free of charge to any place in Latvia, with a portrait of Jānis Čakste painted by artist Ritums Ivanovs, which adorns the Yellow Room of the Saeima building. Visitors were also invited to participate in a quiz.

On the Open Door Day, visitors were allowed to explore the premises of the Parliament, including the Plenary Chamber, where members of the Saeima hold weekly sittings. 

Schoolchildren were offered information about the projects implemented by the Parliament specifically for young people, including the school programme “Meet the Saeima” and project “Youth Parliament”, as well as to enter the photo contest “The Power of Heroes”.




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Trešdien, 8.decembrī
09:00  Eiropas lietu komisijas sēde
10:00  Ārlietu komisijas sēde
10:00  Budžeta un finanšu (nodokļu) komisijas sēde
10:00  Juridiskās komisijas sēde
10:00  Izglītības, kultūras un zinātnes komisijas sēde
10:00  Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas sēde
10:00  Valsts pārvaldes un pašvaldības komisijas sēde
10:00  Tautsaimniecības, agrārās, vides un reģionālās politikas komisijas sēde
10:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas sēde
12:00  Mandātu, ētikas un iesniegumu komisijas sēde
12:00  Publisko izdevumu un revīzijas komisijas sēde
12:00  Nacionālās drošības komisijas sēde
12:00  Pilsonības, migrācijas un sabiedrības saliedētības komisijas sēde
12:00  Ilgtspējīgas attīstības komisijas sēde
14:30  Saeimas 2021. gada 2. decembra otrā attālinātā ārkārtas sēde
15:00  Saeimas priekšsēdētājas biedres Dagmāras Beitneres-Le Gallas tikšanās ar Polijas Republikas ārkārtējo un pilnvaroto vēstnieci Latvijas Republikā V.E. Monika Michaliszyn
15:15  Saeimas 2021. gada 2. decembra attālinātās ārkārtas sēdes turpinājums