Speaker of the Saeima on 18 November: the spirit of Latvia alive and strong


“This day is the source of pride and respect for our country. On this festive day, we all recognise the spirit of Latvia, which is alive and strong like the everlasting oak tree that grows on our land. Let us honour this day, and may our country withstand every storm and preserve peace and prosperity for our people in the future”, stated Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, on Saturday, 18 November, at the ceremonial sitting of the Saeima in honour of the 105th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.

“Freedom, Independence, and Democracy are our fundamental values. They are rooted in each one of us, and it is our sacred duty to honour, nurture, and protect these values. I urge everyone to work together to increase prosperity in Latvia, to have mutual understanding and respect, so that we could all be safe”, stressed Mieriņa.

On the national holiday, the Speaker thanked all the people of Latvia who with their attitude, actions, and work do everything in their power to make us proud of our country, respect one another, and feel safe at our home, in our homeland.

This year has brought a number of challenges, and we need to turn them into opportunities to become stronger and more proficient. “As Members of the Saeima, each of us must promote the involvement and dialogue of civil society, thus strengthening mutual trust", highlighted the Speaker, calling on to render the decision-making process even more open. 

Noting that the education system is also facing new changes, laying the foundation for the future of our country, Speaker Mieriņa stressed the work that has been done on the remuneration of teachers, development of the school network, progress in the transition to learning in the official language, as well as a new approach to the second foreign language at schools.

This year’s changes also affect the rule of law aspects, stressed Mieriņa. “I believe that the current convocation of the Saeima with its decisions is already contributing to strengthening the rule of law in Latvia, and I urge everyone to keep in mind that the rule of law, which defends the fundamental values of the state and the rights of its citizens, is the foundation of our democracy.” Anyone who respects and honours the state of Latvia must feel that they are heard and their rights are protected in our home country, fostering a sense of belonging to our state and our people, underlined the Speaker.

“The whole world is undergoing change, becoming caught not only in political but also military crossfires. Our ability to effectively deal with complex situations and matters related to them is an important prerequisite for moving towards peace”, Daiga Mieriņa emphasised, pointing at Russia’s aggression in Ukraine as a direct threat to peace around the world.   “Our response to Russia’s aggression will remain strong and unambiguous. We must not allow doubt, prejudice, hesitation, or fatigue to set in”, said the Speaker. Daiga Mieriņa thanked the allies for their presence and cooperation in strengthening the security of our country and the Baltic region.

“Therefore, while strengthening our military capabilities and internal security, we must be prepared to act quickly and decisively. Indeed, security is one of the highest priorities of the draft state budget for the next year”, said Mieriņa noting the significance of establishing the State Defence Service and the decision to establish the Selonia Military Training Area.

The Speaker of the Saeima stressed that main national priorities—security, education, and health—all involve economic development. “It is important to acknowledge the contribution of entrepreneurs to the state budget and to underline that entrepreneurship is what generates income, contributing to our country’s growth. The development of the national economy requires modern and effective entrepreneurship focused on exportability and knowledge-intensive production.”


Saeima Press Service

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