NB8 speakers united in their unwavering support for Ukraine and regional security reinforcement


The Baltic and Nordic countries (NB8) are strong supporters of Ukraine, and Latvia is open to even closer coordination and cooperation within the NB8 format, supporting the Ukrainians both militarily and on their path towards the European Union and NATO, said Edvards Smiltēns, Speaker of the Saeima, during a meeting with his NB8 parliamentary counterparts in Stockholm on Thursday, 24 August.

 The heads of parliament concurred that fortifying the security of our region was of paramount importance, given the ever-present threat posed by Russia. The speakers also engaged in discussions regarding the ongoing aid to Ukraine, encompassing both arms provisions and other forms of support. Latvia continues to extend multifaceted assistance to Ukraine, ranging from the rehabilitation of soldiers to humanitarian aid, along with active collaboration with Ukrainian municipalities in projects focused on reconstructing social infrastructure, as highlighted by Smiltēns.

 The Saeima Speaker underscored the imperative of continuing to provide comprehensive assistance to Ukraine, focusing in particular on urgent needs, such as critical and energy infrastructure.

 During the meeting, Smiltēns also stressed the necessity of bolstering our own economies to ensure sustained support for Ukraine in the long term, as well as the advancement and security of our individual nations.

 Recognising the significance of close regional cooperation at all levels to tackle geopolitical challenges, the Speaker of the Saeima praised the strong parliamentary collaboration within the NB8 configuration.

 This year, the Swedish Parliament hosts the annual NB8 meeting, which gathers speakers of the Baltic and Nordic Parliaments. The agenda encompasses different areas of collaboration, including support to Ukraine in the war against Russia, regional security concerns, and the outcomes of the NATO Summit in Vilnius. Next year, NB8 parliamentary cooperation is set to be coordinated by Latvia.

 The NB8 format brings together five Nordic countries—Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden—and the three Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The NB8 format is a platform for regular meetings between prime ministers, MPs, and other state officials.

 Until 25 August, the Speaker of the Saeima is on a visit to the Kingdom of Sweden, where he met with his Swedish counterpart and attended the annual meeting of the NB8 speakers of parliaments.


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