Law prohibits political parties from acting against independence of Latvia or other democratic states


On Thursday, 16 June, the Saeima approved in the second and final reading urgent amendments to the Law on Political Parties that prohibit political parties from turning against the independence and territorial integrity of Latvia or other democratic states and from expressing or disseminating proposals to violently change the political system of the Republic of Latvia or another democracy.

The Law also prohibits political parties from calling for violation of law if such violation threatens national security, public safety, or public order; promoting violence or terrorism, or explicit Nazi, fascist, or communist ideology; pushing for war; inciting national, ethnic, racial, or religious hatred or discord; glorifying criminal offences or encouraging to commit them.

The amendments also prohibit political parties from providing support—including informative support (propaganda)—to persons or states that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence or constitutional order of democratic states.

Should the public prosecutor's office or the national security authority find indications that a party may be acting illegally, they will be able to issue a relevant warning. Depending on the nature of the identified violation, the authority that has detected it will be able to set a deadline for the violation to be remedied or to order immediate cessation of the non-compliance.

If a party's activity contravenes the prohibition, it may be stopped by a court decision. Upon a reasoned request by the public prosecutor, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, or the State Revenue Service, the court will be able to ban the party's public activity until a final ruling in the case.

The amendments will enter into force on the day after their promulgation.


Saeima Press Service

Otrdien, 5.jūlijā
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