Saeima supports amendments to maintain restrictions after the end of the state of emergency


On Thursday, 25 March, the Saeima adopted in the second and final reading urgent amendments to the Law on the Management of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, so that even after the state of emergency ends there is a legal framework protecting the public from the rapid spread of COVID-19.

According to the amendments, the Cabinet of Ministers will be authorised to impose special epidemiological safety requirements on trade and services, as well as restrictions or prohibition of sports and other events.

The Law also establishes that, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces, the possibility of working remotely must be ensured to employees if the job specifics allow it. Whereas if work is carried out on site, employers are to take measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, to appoint a person responsible for the implementation of these measures, as well as to provide employees with the necessary personal protective equipment.

The amendments stipulate that if a point of sale fails to develop or implement an internal control system for the provision of services in accordance with epidemiological safety measures, and such failure may result in an immediate and significant damage to public health, the State Police or the municipal police may decide on closing the point of sale for customers for up to seven days in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law.

Additionally, in case of non-compliance with the requirements for the provision of trade or other services, which are specified in this Law and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers issued on the basis of the Law, the fine is two to four hundred units of fine for natural persons and twenty-eight to one thousand units for legal persons.

Furthermore, the Cabinet of Ministers has been delegated to prohibit the introduction into the territory of Latvia of animal species susceptible to COVID-19 and products thereof, as well as the to determine the validity of first aid certificates and tractor driving licenses expired during the state of emergency.

Other amendments have also been introduced to the Law in order to ensure that public institutions operate in accordance with the interests of public health and safety after the state of emergency is lifted.

The Law will enter into force on the day following its promulgation.


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