Speaker Mūrniece: If we believe in our Latvia, if we love our land, if we hold our values high, we are unbreakable


The war in Ukraine proves that in the modern world there is a place for courage, heroism and patriotism. Moreover, without these virtues, democracy would not be able to resist tyranny. There is no such thing as too much of patriotism. If we believe in our Latvia, if we love our land, if we hold our values high, we are unbreakable, said Speaker Mūrniece, at the ceremonial sitting of the Saeima of 4 May in honour of the 32nd anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia.

Speaker Mūrniece said that the 4 May 32 years ago marked a pivotal moment in our history, the return of our people to freedom, independence and democracy, to our own statehood and a life which has a future. It was important to restore independence, whereas today, it must be preserved and strengthened, said Speaker Mūrniece, thanking the Members of the Supreme Council who voted for independence.

We are grateful to celebrate our 32nd anniversary of the restoration of independence as a member of the European Union, NATO and the OECD. This entails high political, economic and, above all, security standards. Latvia vigilantly protects its fundamental values of parliamentary democracy and the sovereignty of the people. We maintain our values enshrined in the Constitution—the principles of the national state, the Latvian language, the cultural space of Latvia and Europe, the rule of law and social care. “We are moving forward,” said Speaker Mūrniece, adding that this year 4 May is different. “A new pivotal moment has come. The world is undergoing historical transformations. Since 24 February, relations between the civilised world and Russia have changed drastically. The political collaborationism, in which states often engaged with Putin’s regime in the name of economic advantage, is receding. Likewise, the turning of a blind eye and desperately keeping alive the ‘business‑as‑usual’ cannot be considered viable strategies anymore. With this invasion, Russia, the perceived and actual successor of the Soviet Union, has crossed all the red lines. Everyone is shocked by the hatred, cruelty and brutality that Russia demonstrates in Ukraine, and people are turning away,” said Mūrniece, adding that for the Ukrainian people, this historical dividing line marks a new future. The future of Ukraine is clearly within Europe and the Western civilisation.

Speaker Mūrniece underlined that we must all acknowledge that Ukraine has been in a conventional war with Russia since 24 February, but all the Baltic States and most Western countries are currently in hybrid war with Russia. “Sanctions, reducing diplomatic and business relations to a minimum, excluding Russia from international organisations, restricting propaganda media—these are components of hybrid warfare. Russia must come out of this war so weakened that it can no longer be able to repeat such aggression—that is the main purpose of the sanctions. That is also the military goal that Ukraine pursues with the support of allies,” said Mūrniece.

Regarding the support provided to Ukraine, Speaker Mūrniece pointed out that we are not in the middle of the year yet, but the amount of Latvia’s military assistance to Ukraine in monetary terms has reached a third of our annual military budget. “And we will provide more help. Because we know that nowadays, the military defence of Latvia begins in Donbas. By strengthening Ukraine, we strengthen ourselves, and every person in our country senses it.” Speaker Mūrniece underlined that in the coming years the Baltic States along with many European states will engage in building an even stronger comprehensive defence system. The military capabilities of NATO are continuously developing, providing us with confidence in our future, said Speaker Mūrniece.

Mūrniece expressed gratitude to all the Latvian people actively engaging in providing help to Ukraine. “Thank you for sharing the warmth of your heart! Your deeds fortify confidence that we will be able to rely on each other whenever need be,” said Speaker Mūrniece.


Saeima Press Service

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