The Presidium 

The work of the Saeima is supervised by its Presidium, which consists of five MPs: the Speaker, two Deputy Speakers, the Secretary, and the Deputy Secretary.

prezidija locekļi

Photo: Presidium of the 13th Saeima. From the left: Deputy Secretary of the Saeima Inese Voika, Secretary of the Saeima Andrejs Klementjevs, Speaker of the Saeima Ināra Mūrniece, Deputy Speaker of the Saeima Dagmāra Beitnere‑Le Galla, Deputy Speaker of the Saeima Inese Lībiņa‑Egnere.

The Presidium is elected by each new convocation of the Saeima, typically at its first plenary sitting.

The Presidium determines the internal rules and work procedures of the Saeima, gives its opinions regarding draft laws submitted to it and forwards them as prescribed by the Rules of Procedure of the Saeima, announces the dates of plenary sittings and prepares their agenda, confirms planned business trips, and performs other organisational functions. The Presidium also appoints and dismisses heads of the organisational units of the Saeima and the Saeima Administration.

Presidium meetings usually take place on Mondays and are convened by the Speaker.

During the Speaker’s absence and upon mutual consent, the Speaker’s duties are fulfilled by one of the Deputy Speakers. The Speaker and the Deputy Speakers divide the current responsibilities among themsel including the duty of chairing the Saeima sittings, the Presidium meetings, sittings for receiving answers to Members’ questions, and participation in meetings with foreign officials.

The Secretary and the Deputy Secretary ensure that minutes are taken during the Saeima sittings and, if ves,necessary, they read out documents during the Saeima sittings, check the transcripts and supervise the work of the Saeima Administration, mutually agreeing upon how to divide these responsibilities among themselves.

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