Special media accreditation for covering the celebratory events of 21 August


Representatives of the media planning to report on the celebratory events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitutional Law on the Statehood of the Republic of Latvia must obtain special accreditation.

NB! Access to the Saeima buildings on 21 August using permanent and fixed-term accreditation cards will not be possible!

The special accreditation is required to participate in the following events:

10:00 First day of issue ceremony of the 21 August postage stamp
Main Building of the Saeima, Voting Room, Jēkaba iela 11. Media representatives must arrive by 9:45.  

12:00 Ecumenical service
Riga Cathedral, Doma laukums 1.   

13:40 Flower-laying ceremony and official addresses at the Freedom Monument
Freedom Monument. Photo and video opportunity.  Media representatives must arrive by 13:30.

15:40 Tree planting ceremony at Jēkaba laukums
Jēkaba laukums.

18:00 Anniversary concert at Dzintari Concert Hall
Turaidas iela 1, Jūrmala.  Media representatives must arrive by 17:30.
Photo opportunity during the concert, video opportunity at the beginning of the concert. Recordings of the performance only permitted for use in news segments if shorter than 90 seconds.

To obtain the special accreditation to the 21 August celebratory events please send your application to prese@saeima.lv or call (+371) 6708 7266. Media representatives already accredited for work in the Saeima can apply by indicating their name and surname only, whereas un-accredited media representatives must provide their name, surname, ID number, the media represented, and a contact telephone number.

Deadline to apply for the special accreditation: 17 August 2016, 16:00.

Accreditation of media representatives will be confirmed directly. Special accreditation cards will be available at the Public Relations Department at Jēkaba iela 16, Room 114 before 17:00 on 19 August, or between 9:00 and 13:00 on 21 August.

Media representatives attending the celebratory concert can acquire tickets at the Press Service. Please apply in advance.

Dress code for the events: business formal.

The special accreditation card must be visible at all times. While at the venue, please attach it to your clothes.

Svētdien, 28.maijā