On Thursday, 12 January, Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, met with Saulius Skvernelis, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Lithuania, for whom Latvia is the first foreign visit in his office. Speaker Mūrniece emphasised that Latvia and Lithuania have always been close partners, but mutual support and coordinated action is even more important now in light of unprecedented geopolitical challenges. Speaker Mūrniece underlined the historically close relationship and intensive bilateral...
On Thursday, 12 January, the Saeima adopted in the final reading amendments to the Law on the State Border; they provide that, with the aim of strengthening border security and facilitating the work of border guards, rivers along the Eastern border have now been included in the state border zone. The amendments cover rivers on the Latvian borders with Russia and Belarus through which the state border runs: Ludza, Pernovka, Zilupe, Aktica, Asūnīca and Sarjanka. Sections of these rivers...
On Thursday, 22 December, the Saeima submitted for examination to the Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Committee a draft decision on granting citizenship to the world renowned dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov based on his exceptional merits on behalf of Latvia.  “It is a great honour to propose the Saeima to grant Latvian citizenship to Mikhail Baryshnikov. This artist holds significant merits in promoting Latvia around the world and enriching our culture with exquisite...
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Trešdien, 18.janvārī
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