Guntra Riņķe, Head of the Speaker’s Office +37167087118  
Kristīne Raščevska
Assistant/Technical Secretary to the Speaker
Gunta Pastore
Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Speaker
Ina Kļaviņa
Legal Advisor to the Speaker
Janis Tomels
Public Relations Advisor to the Speaker
Dace Freimane-Treimane
Head of the Office of Deputy Speaker
Gundars Daudze
Madara Černauska
Head of the Office of Deputy Speaker
Inese Lībiņa-Egnere
Ieva Zēberga
Consultant of the Office of Deputy Speaker Inese Lībiņa-Egnere
Ligita Davidova
Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Presidium
Maija Titava
Head of the Secretary’s Office
Ineta Stabulniece
Head of the Deputy Secretary’s Office

Parliamentary groups
Concord Centre parliamentary group
Inese Šnepsta, Senior Consultant
Unity parliamentary group
Agnese Zagurilo, Senior Consultant
Union of Greens and Farmers parliamentary group
Dzintra Kusiņa, Senior Consultant
National Alliance of All for Latvia! and For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK parliamentary group Lolita Ēdolfa, Senior Consultant
Latvian Regional Alliance parliamentary group Valdis Verners, Senior Consultant +37167087240  

Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee
Ieva Barvika, Senior Consultant
Foreign Affairs Committee
Anita Ābola, Senior Consultant
Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee
Gita Strautiņa, Senior Consultant
Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee
Kristīne Hincenberga, Senior Consultant
European Affairs Committee
Solvita Gailiša, Senior Consultant
Sustainable Development Committee
Gatis Liepiņš, Senior Consultant
Education, Culture and Science Committee
Sandra Lezdiņa, Senior Consultant
Legal Affairs Committee
Evija Bērziņa, Senior Consultant
Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee
Ksenija Ņeženkina, Consultant
National Security Committee
Sandra Bumbiere, Senior Consultant
Parliamentary Inquiry Committee
Ziedīte Preimane, Consultant
Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Committee
Jānis Cauņa, Consultant
Public Expenditure and Audit Committee
Sigita Āboliņa, Senior Consultant
Social and Employment Matters Committee
Anželika Bruže, Senior Consultant
Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee
Andris Capāns, Senior Consultant
Public Administration and Local Government Committee
Kristīne Vītola, Senior Consultant
Parliamentary inquiry committee on the suspicions of state capture, and the quality of pre-trial investigation in criminal case No 16870000911 +37167087022  
Other structural units of the Saeima

Inese Grumolte-Lerhe, Head of the Saeima Analytical Service


Legal Bureau
Dina Meistere, Head of the Bureau

Interparliamentary Relations Bureau
Sandra Paura, Head of the Bureau
Juris Vīgulis, Head of the Public Relations Department +37167087218  

Administration of the Saeima

Lelde Rāfelde, Secretary General
Ieva Viļuma, Legal Director
Māris Steins, Director of the Chancellery +37167087122  
Māris Zelčs, Executive Director +37167087165  
Laura Ošleja, Head of the Legal Support Department +37167087491  
Personnel Department
Liena Puiše, Head of the Department
Documents Department
Aija Vintere, Head of the Department
Transcript Department
Irēna Strelča, Head of the Department
Information Department
Anita Dūdiņa, Head of the Department
Gita Renigere,
Head of the Internal Security
Technical Services Department
Guntis Stungrevics, Head of the Department
Finance Department
Vija Kancāne, Head of the Department
Protocol Division
Zigmārs Gratkovskis, Head of the Department
Public Procurement Department
Laura Upīte, Head of the Department
Maintenance Department
Ivars Soms, Head of the Department