Student internship programmes

International parliamentary internship (Internationales Parlaments-Stipendium)

The German Bundestag, in cooperation with the Humboldt University of Berlin, has been implementing the International Parliamentary Scholarship programme since 1986 by annually offering internship opportunities to approximately 120 students from all around the world. Twenty-eight countries participate in the programme, including several countries which offer internship opportunities for German students in their own parliaments. Latvian students have had the opportunity to do internship at the German parliament since 1992.

The goal of the International Parliamentary Scholarship is to strengthen partnership and cooperation between Germany and countries represented by participants of the programme. The Scholarship is aimed at highly qualified, energetic and open youths who are interested in politics and who desire actively and with a great sense of responsibility to shape the political future of their country. The German Bundestag offers a 15-week placement at an office of a member of the Bundestag and thus provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the parliamentary system and political decision making in Germany, as well as to acquire practical experience in parliamentary work. In order to apply for the Scholarship, follow the updates on the website of the Embassy of Germany in the Republic of Latvia:  

More information on the internship in the Bundestag is available at:

The International Parliamentary Scholarship programme provides graduates of Latvian universities with an opportunity to learn more about the work of the German Bundestag and public life in Germany by taking part in the work of MPs’ offices. The rules of the German parliament require Latvian applicants for the International Parliamentary Scholarship to be Latvian citizens under the age of 30, have a good command of the German language and possess a university degree.

EU member states are interested in creating exchange programmes that enable students to learn about the political experience of other countries and expand their language skills. Since 2010, the Saeima has been offering a counterpart programme for German students who wish to gain an insight into the work of the Latvian parliament. This programme gives an opportunity for German youths to learn about the democratic and parliamentary experience in Latvia, and it promotes recognition of Latvia and its policies in Germany.

This year will be the sixth time that this programme is implemented, and two German students – Lena-Marie Franke and Tobias Müller – will intern at the Saeima from 4 to 29 September 2017. The youths will have an opportunity to learn about the work of MPs, completing their traineeship with MP Solvita Āboltiņa (Unity), Chairperson of the group for interparliamentary relations with Germany, and MP Igors Pimenovs (Concord), member of the same group. The students will also attend classes at the University of Latvia.

In order to ensure more effective participation of the German students in committee and parliamentary group meetings, this year the Saeima will, as previously, provide an internship opportunity to two students from the Ventspils University College: Anna Šmite and Ženija Minka will ensure Latvian-German interpreting during the meetings.

The students to intern at the Saeima are selected by the Embassy of Latvia to Germany, in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Interparliamentary Relations Bureau of the Saeima.

Otrdien, 24.aprīlī
08:30  Juridiskās komisijas Krimināltiesību politikas apakškomisijas sēde
10:00  Budžeta un finanšu (nodokļu) komisijas sēde
10:00  Juridiskās komisijas sēde
10:00  Cilvēktiesību un sabiedrisko lietu komisijas sēde
10:00  Izglītības, kultūras un zinātnes komisijas sēde
10:00  Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas sēde
10:00  Valsts pārvaldes un pašvaldības komisijas sēde
10:00  Tautsaimniecības, agrārās, vides un reģionālās politikas komisijas sēde
10:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas sēde
11:40  Tautsaimniecības, agrārās, vides un reģionālās politikas komisijas Vides un klimata politikas apakškomisijas sēde
12:00  Izglītības, kultūras un zinātnes komisijas Valstiskās audzināšanas un jaunatnes lietu apakškomisijas sēde
13:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas Sabiedrības veselības apakškomisijas sēde
14:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas Nodarbinātības apakškomisijas sēde