Ināra Mūrniece urges participants of the Job Shadowing Day to build faith in our state

On Wednesday, 10 February, Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, gave a brief address in the Plenary Chamber to all the shadows of MPs and staff of the Saeima.  “It is a pleasure to see that so many of you are interested in the parliamentary work and politics, and I am impressed by your eagerness to learn and contemplate your future career choices. Regardless of the walk of life we choose, we must be loyal to our state and never lose faith in it,” Speaker Mūrniece said.

The Speaker of the Saeima also expressed hope that the time the schoolchildren spent in the Saeima had been exciting and brought a better understanding of how the legislator works and what the responsibilities of MPs are.

More than 250 schoolchildren visited the parliament today. According to Jānis Krievāns, COB of Junior Achievement Latvia, the Saeima is a role model for other employers in Latvia. He also presented the Saeima with an Honorary Certificate for being the most active public institution supporting and furthering the Job Shadow Day project.

During Job Shadow Day today at the Saeima, children had a chance to get acquainted with parliamentary work and witness the adoption of decisions vital for Latvia, as well as attend committee and parliamentary group meetings.

Shadows could take a tour of the Main Building of the Saeima and view the exhibition Freedom Way dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the de facto recognition of Latvia’s statehood. Other activities included playing a puzzle game dedicated to the restoration of Latvia’s independence.

The largest number of shadows at the Saeima today came from Baloži Secondary School, Riga State Gymnasium No.3 and Talsi State Gymnasium.

The Saeima took part in the Job Shadow Day for the eighth consecutive year. It is one of the most popular institutions to be shadowed. Over the years, more than fifteen hundred schoolchildren from across Latvia have shadowed MPs and parliament staff.

Job Shadow Day is a popular global initiative run by Junior Achievement in the framework of career education for children of all ages from 1st-12th grade. It gives schoolchildren the opportunity to experience different work environments and spend four to six hours following the everyday work of professionals they have chosen to shadow. The purpose of Job Shadow Day is to get children acquainted with the skills required in different professions and sectors, as well as to help them choose their future career prepare for the labour market.

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