Pictures and video material published on the Saeima website, included in the Saeima’s publications and informative materials, as well as uploaded on the Saeima’s picture account on Flickr and on the Saeima’s channel on YouTube and Vimeo (hereinafter – audiovisual material), are the property of the Saeima Administration and thus are subject to the Copyright Law.

Audiovisual material can be copied, reproduced, published, stored, archived, and distributed without the consent of the Saeima if it is done for informative, educational or research purposes, as well as for analytical reviews or news releases.

Audiovisual material used for the above-mentioned purposes can be modified and processed unless such modification or processing discredits the Saeima and the people appearing in the material or if it misleads the viewer about the circumstances in which the material was taken; moreover, the material cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes. Non-compliance with these regulations will be considered a violation of copyright and property rights.

When publishing audiovisual material, it is mandatory to give credit to the author and the right-holder, i.e. the Saeima Administration.

Depending on the nature of the copyright violation and consequences thereof, the violator will be held criminally or administratively liable in accordance with the law.

When publishing audiovisual material electronically, it is desirable to include a hyperlink to the source – for example, the Saeima website, the parliament’s account on Flickr or its channel on YouTube or Vimeo.

The use of audiovisual material for any other purposes should be coordinated with the Public Relations Department of the Saeima by sending an e-mail to

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